CRIMEWATCH Technologies, Inc., is a privately held company that develops cutting-edge technology solutions for law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. The company’s core product is the CRIMEWATCH Network, an integrated public engagement platform developed specifically for law enforcement agencies and allows for geographically targeted information sharing and intelligence gathering. CRIMEWATCH distributes near real time data to/from law enforcement and citizens, fostering unprecedented levels of community engagement.



CRIMEWATCH in the beginning...

Started as a printed publication and distributed through retail outlets all across Pennsylvania. However, in late 2010 we recognized how technology; specifically social media and smart phones where changing the way our world communicates. We knew that this would impact communities and that if properly used it could bring in a new era of public safety.

We knew to make this happen, we would have to build the infrastructure and framework for law enforcement to make this transition easy. As it turns out, our mission of driving transparency,empowering communities and build positive community engagement was timely and relevant. 

Taking all of the benefits that social media provides, plus the best of mobile applications, tip submission services and crime mapping, data and analytics services; we have the built the most robust community engagement platform available for law enforcement. All while providing a new mechanism of transparency never before available in communities.

Our technology creates transparency, builds trust and is proven to prevent and reduce crime.


CRIMEWATCH is backed by the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership in Pennsylvania and the financial support of our subscribing members.