Please provide the information requested below so your CRIMEWATCH-enabled website can be produced in an efficient manner. In order to develop the site expeditiously, the CRIMEWATCH team will need specific assets and information for your organization. These items consist of images, forms, documents, contact information for inter-departmental CRIMEWATCH recipients, and authorized CRIMEWATCH user information. 

*If you have any questions please email gmarino@crimewatchus.com


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1. PD User Roles:

Author: A user that will have the ability to create content around crime and incidents- but will not be allowed to release anything publicly without approval. They can create Drafts and material for Review.

Publisher: These users are authorized to approve and publish content to the web. They can create any type of content without authorization. Publishers receive an email notification when an Author has marked content for approval. All Publishers will receive these notifications and they will be approved or be denied by the first Publisher that responds to the notice.

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2. Stakeholders:

This is typically members of your township or borough board/commissions, etc. They will receive notifications regarding content that is published on your CRIMEWATCH Portal. 

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3. media:

Members of your local media you want to receive news posts, alerts, arrests, incidents, cases, etc.

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Please fill out the sections below regarding the recipients of the enabled forms on your CRIMEWATCH Portal:

Please provide the emails of the recipients of tip submissions. Comma Separated List.
Please provide the emails of the recipients of contact submissions. Comma Separated List.
Please provide the emails of the recipients of RTK Request submissions. Comma Separated List.


If you would like additional forms added to your CRIMEWATCH site, please select which forms below:

Additional Forms
Please note, all of these forms can be customized.
If you would like an additional form that has not been listed, please indicate here.



A short paragraph or two about the command staff. i.e. – the Command Staff includes one Captain that supervises 3 sergeants and the 14 patrol officers. They report to the Chief of Police…etc.
A short summary about the department personnel. i.e. – SCCRPD includes 14 full-time officers that provide services to a 34 square mile region 24/7. Specific operational units include, road safety (summary), School Resource (summary), Criminal Investigations (summary).
Lastly, we do ask that the Chief takes the time to write a personal 'message' to visitors of the site. This message helps the public and your team understand the ethics of your command. Please feel free to check out other CRIMEWATCH sites for examples of these items. If you are really struggling with this, we will help you.
If there are additional pages you would like added to your CRIMEWATCH Portal, please indicate the page Title and Content below.