A networked solution that grows more powerful with wider adoption.


Individual police departments, prosecutors or sheriffs can deploy a CRIMEWATCH program that becomes the center point of all communications and builds a highly engaged local audience; moving the department's same professional physical presence into the digital space.


Criminal justice groups across a region can join as part of a county deployment, where each local group's audience is networked, creating a distribution channel that goes beyond traditional opt-in notification systems and creates uniform, consistent public interaction.


A state-wide CRIMEWATCH deployment is the central point for all public communications and intelligence collection: reporting crimes, submitting tips, reporting suspicious activity, victim notifications and more- with the added benefit of an economy of scale.

Edward Marsico, Jr.
District Attorney, Dauphin County, PA

"A great way to engage the public and collect actionable intelligence, safely and conveniently from our community"


Jason Umberger
Chief of Police, Swatara Township, PA

"A professional, and tactical way of dealing with the internet and social media"

James Muller
Sheriff, Adams County, PA

"Target warrants into any community across the country and collect actionable tips without wasting resources"